Is Dairy Or Meat Worse For The Environment?

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Is Dairy Or Meat Worse For The Environment?
31 Jul 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

So many people assume that eating meat can be dangerous to health but the research findings will leave you in splits. It is the cheese in your vegetarian diet that does maximum harm to the environment, not the generic cow meat. If cows move around freely, they will more likely to release toxic gases in air which will drastically impact the environment. If only people knew the cons of being a vegetarian, they would gladly switch to meat eating! There is so much research to be done before claiming one to be a vegan. The story does not end there. In order to maintain and balance our diet, it is essential to consume a decent amount of both meat and vegetables. This way, you will enjoy the perks of calcium as well as nutrients needed by the body. So it’s best to select your diet wisely and not follow lifestyle trends set by influential personalities.

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