Instagram Takes on TikTok with New 'Close Friends Only' Celebrity Podcast

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Instagram Takes on TikTok with New 'Close Friends Only' Celebrity Podcast
09 Dec 2023
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News Synopsis

Instagram Debuts 'Close Friends Only' Podcast Spotlighting Celebrity Conversations

Instagram ventures into the podcast realm with the launch of "Close Friends Only," promising a platform to explore culture, memes, fashion, and friendship through conversations with notable celebrities.

Unveiling the Debut Episode

The inaugural episode features Ice Spice engaging in dialogue with Doja Cat, delving into various topics such as favorite memes, animal companions, celebrity crushes, flirting experiences on the platform, and intriguing details from their direct messages.

Attracting Attention and Influencing Youth Trends

The podcast's star-studded conversations are expected to draw considerable attention, potentially amplifying Instagram's influence on young audiences seeking to emulate their celebrity idols. While the podcast might lack practical advice, its appeal lies in offering insights into current trends and cultural shifts.

Exploring Cultural Trends

Despite the potential absence of practical tips, tuning in could provide listeners with a pulse on the latest trends, narrated by influential figures shaping cultural movements. This could establish the podcast as an avenue for tracking ongoing shifts in trends and behaviors.

Future of 'Close Friends Only' Podcast

The debut episode sets the stage for potential future episodes featuring more celebrities. Instagram's focus on musicians through this podcast could serve as a strategic move to counter the growing importance of TikTok in music promotion.

Instagram's Promotional Strategy

The podcast serves as an intriguing promotional tool for Instagram, specifically targeting celebrities and their interactions, potentially enhancing the platform's appeal to a wider audience.

Podcasts and Music Promotion

The podcast could signify Instagram's endeavor to rival TikTok, a platform increasingly vital for music promotion. However, the longevity and consistency of subsequent episodes will determine its impact and effectiveness.


While the future of Instagram's "Close Friends Only" remains uncertain, it represents a bold move by Instagram and could have significant implications for the social media landscape. Whether it becomes a cultural phenomenon or fades into obscurity, the podcast's impact on music promotion and celebrity engagement will be worth watching.

Instagram's Latest Updates in 2023 (as of December 8th)

  • Multiple Links in Bio: This highly anticipated update eliminates the need for external link management services like Linktree. Users can now add multiple links to their bio, promoting various websites or landing pages.

  • Notes Feature Updates: Instagram has improved its Notes feature, allowing users to create longer notes with different background colors and fonts. This adds a new dimension to personal expression and communication on the platform.

  • Collabs for Four Accounts: Previously limited to two accounts, Instagram's Collab feature now allows up to four accounts to collaborate on a single post or reel. This opens up new creative possibilities for brands and influencers.

  • Longer Reels: Expanding beyond the one-minute limit, Instagram now allows users to post reels up to 10 minutes long. This provides creators with more flexibility and time to tell their stories.


  • Affiliate Marketing: Instagram has launched an affiliate program, allowing creators to earn commissions by promoting products from partnered brands. This opens up a new monetization avenue for creators and incentivizes product endorsements.

  • Shoppable Stories: Instagram has made it easier for businesses to tag products in their stories, enabling viewers to purchase directly within the app. This streamlines the shopping process and could boost conversions for brands.

  • Reels for Businesses: Recognizing the growing popularity of Reels, Instagram has introduced features specifically for businesses. This includes product tagging, Reels insights, and advertising capabilities.


  • Improvements to Comments: Instagram has added new features to comments, such as pinned comments and the ability to reply to specific comments with audio messages. This enhances user engagement and facilitates deeper conversations.

  • Community Guidelines Enforcement: Instagram has stepped up its efforts to enforce its community guidelines, aiming to create a safer and more inclusive platform. This includes cracking down on hate speech, bullying, and misinformation.

  • Enhanced Reporting and Moderation Tools: Creators and brands now have access to improved tools for reporting and moderating comments and messages. This helps them maintain a positive and productive community on their profiles.

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