Instagram New Feature to Display Upcoming Live Streams

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Instagram New Feature to Display Upcoming Live Streams
28 Jan 2022
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News Synopsis

Instagram is planning out a new feature that will allow users to display their upcoming live streams on their profiles. Adam Mosseri, the head at Instagram has said that users can display a badge on their profile to let others know that they have an upcoming live stream.

The followers can subscribe to get the reminder for the live stream after the user puts the banner up. It allows users to create as many lives as they can and more than one live stream will be displayed as a side-scrolling list.

The platform has launched a dedicated way for users to notify others about scheduled lives. It will also be visual to others along with the followers. The Instagram head has also mentioned that users can now remix any video content on the application. 

Instagram also announced additional features recently, which include the creator subscription in the USA. Some of the selected creators are now given access to these features under the testing of the new feature.

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