Instagram Implemented a Paywall to Allow Content Creators To Monetize Their Work

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Instagram Implemented a Paywall to Allow Content Creators To Monetize Their Work
16 Jul 2022
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News Synopsis

Instagram began testing 'Subscriptions' for creators earlier this year. In a recent tweet, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed that creators using Instagram Subscriptions will be able to lock reels and posts behind a paywall for subscribers. In addition, creators can directly communicate with subscribers. According to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, this is part of Instagram's efforts to help creators earn a consistent income.

Instagram started testing this feature with ten US creators in January, including actor-influencer Alan Chikin Chow, basketball player Sedona Prince, model Kelsey Cook, and Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles. Thousands of creators have gained access to the Instagram Subscriptions feature since then.

Here are new features of Instagram’s ‘Subscriptions’

Subscribers Chats

Creators will be able to start a chat with up to thirty people at once with the new chatting feature. Creators will be able to interact with their subscribers as a result of this, allowing them to build a stronger community, according to Meta.

Exclusive Posts and Reels

Creators will be able to create subscriber-focused content with exclusive Reels and posts using this feature. For subscribers, this feature will label posts and reels as 'exclusive' with a purple banner and white crown.

Exclusive Tab on Profile

Creators' profiles will also include a 'Subscriber home' tab. Subscribers to the creator can view exclusive content that is only available to them via this tab.

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