Instagram Adds New Features With 'Collab' On Posts And Reels

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Instagram Adds New Features With 'Collab' On Posts And Reels
21 Oct 2021
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News Synopsis

Instagram, the famous social media app, which is owned by Facebook, has come up with new features for its user. It took almost a decade from its launch to come up with the feature of posting images on the desktop version. It has been testing this feature for a few months now and has announced to make it available to its users from October 21, 2021. Before this, the desktop version has developed a lot as it was always a step behind the android or iOS version.

The bigger surprise is that it has also announced to come up with brand new features like “collab”. The collab feature will allow users to collaborate with other users on posts and reels. It could be accessed under the tag feature. And when a user accepts the collab, the likes and comments will be shared by both the creators along with posts or reels. Another update, that is in talks but has not been made officially says, non-profits would be able to start a fundraiser by using the "+" button. This was brought up by Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who spotted this feature before its launch.

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