Indore Is The Only City From Country To Make The Cut

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Indore Is The Only City From Country To Make The Cut
31 Jul 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

This is great news, not only for Madhya Pradesh but also for India. India does not have a good reputation when it comes to cleanliness There are many cities that are present in the list of the most populated cities all across the world. Indian cities also have a bad air quality index, along with many other issues. All this makes India a hub for water, air, and soil pollution. 

But this news confirms that it is indeed possible for India to clean its cities and detox its air quality. But then again Madhya Pradesh generally is very eco-friendly and is a lot more greener than many other Indian states. Therefore the role of the Madhya Pradesh government cannot be denied when it comes to Indore. Other states should learn from MP and look to implement many of its ways in their own cities. India is a huge country, and that too it’s a third-world country which means that education and privilege take a back seat in India. A huge chunk of the Indian population has no clue about environment preservation and waste management and stuff like this. These issues are too ‘posh’ for them because they are too busy making a living. And that is a harsh reality in India. Hence the role of the Indian government increases here by a huge margin. The responsibility of educating people lies with the government and there are no two ways about it. 

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