India’s largest EV charging station opens in Gurugram

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India’s largest EV charging station opens in Gurugram
05 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

India`s biggest electric vehicle (EV) charging station with a capability of 121 charging points for four-wheelers, has been opened in Sector 86. With this EV station, the city has now the most important electric powered automobile charging stations within the country.

The first EV station was opened in January with a capability of one hundred charging factors for four-wheelers in Sector fifty-two of Gurugram.

The new EV charging station is developed by Alektrify Private Limited under the Ease of Doing Business programme. It was opened on Thursday and has 75 AC, 25 DC and 21 hybrid charging points and holds the capacity to charge 1,000 cars in a single day.

National Programme Director of Ease of Doing Business, Abhijeet Sinha has said that this is the second prototype station constructed in just 30 days after the Sector-52 EV charging station. He also announced that two more stations of the same size will be established in Noida within 60 days for Delhi-Agra E-Highway.

He also said that 30 more E-Highway charging stations will be constructed within 90 days from the date of allocations to PSUs. These charging stations will compete with petrol pumps. The simple prototypes have proved that e-highway stations of NHEV will be world-class and draw a strong commercial roadmap of E-mobility on Indian highways.

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