Indian Government Is Building An Educational Tool Using ChatGPT Backed By Microsoft

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Indian Government Is Building An Educational Tool Using ChatGPT Backed By Microsoft
14 Feb 2023
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News Synopsis

With ChatGPT, a Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence chatbot, the Indian government is creating an educational tool that will allow students to ask questions about their curriculum in any other Indian language outside English. In a video demonstration of the Moneycontrol tool, a student posted a voice message on a WhatsApp chat asking a math question in Hindi. The answer was first made into a text in Devanagari script and then shown within the chat. Everything took place in a span of seconds.

Another time, a student screenshot of a math question from his textbook and forwarded it to a WhatsApp chatbot, where he quickly received the answer. The government's Bhashini platform, which uses AI to translate between languages, the Diksha platform, which digitizes school curricula, messaging app WhatsApp, and ed-tech firm Doubtnut were all used to create the first iteration of this program. This is how it's supposed to operate: initially, a student will ask a question on the WhatsApp chatbot in a local language. Bhashini will translate this into English in the back-end 

Then ChatGPT, which has been educated using lessons from Doubtnut and DIKSHA, will handle this question. Bhashini will once more translate ChatGPT's response into the original inquiry's language before posting it as a response to the student's WhatsApp question. A senior government official responded that the tool will be released 'soon' when the testing phase is finished when questioned about the release date."We are expecting millions of queries by students to come in simultaneously once it is launched.

He added That's why we have to make sure that nothing breaks and all parts of the tech work smoothly in tandem when it is launched widely,"   engine of the search for government initiatives Using ChatGPT to construct another tool, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) will essentially transform WhatsApp into a search engine for government schemes. When someone leaves a voice message on a WhatsApp chat about any program, the tool responds with all the program's information, including when it began, what goals it aims to achieve, who is eligible to apply, what documents are needed, etc. "We did an API integration of WhatsApp APIs with Bhashini APIs and ChatGPT APIs.

So, that allows you to ask any question on our WhatsApp interface in any language of your choice and get the answer. You can also ask something with audio and get the reply in audio," the official said. "What it does is that it ensures digital inclusion for everyone. Many people are not able to type in their questions. Now, they can just post a query through an audio note in their own language and get an answer also in the same format," He clarified. Work has already started on the project's next phase, which will entail adding support for feature phones without WhatsApp. In order for a person to call a toll-free number, ask a question, and receive a response, the government is testing the integration of ChatGPT and Bhashini with feature phones for this phase of the project.

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