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India's 'Creative Economy' Shines at Annecy International Animation Festival in France

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India's 'Creative Economy' Shines at Annecy International Animation Festival in France
15 Jun 2023
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News Synopsis

India Makes Debut at Annecy International Animation Festival

India makes its inaugural appearance at the prestigious Annecy International Animation Festival (AIAF) in France, demonstrating its capabilities in producing top-notch animation and visual effects (VFX) content for global audiences.

Led by Mr. Apurva Chandra, Secretary of Information and Broadcasting, a prominent Indian delegation joins the event to showcase the country's creative prowess in the field of animation.

India's Rising Influence in Animation and VFX:

In recent years, India has emerged as a preferred source of VFX and animation content for international production companies. The Indian animation and VFX market was valued at approximately US$ 1.33 billion (Rs. 109 billion) in 2021, with the VFX industry alone contributing US$ 610 million (Rs. 50 billion) to the total.

According to forecasts by E&Y, this figure is projected to reach US$ 2.19 billion (Rs. 180 billion) by 2024. India's participation at the Annecy festival assumes significant importance as the nation showcases its expertise and seeks collaborations with foreign clients.

India's Advancements in AVGC Sector:

Mr. Apurva Chandra highlights the progress made by India's Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, and Comics (AVGC) sector, attributing it to world-class techniques, innovative technologies, and a pool of exceptionally talented professionals.

Notably, India stands out as one of the few countries offering financial incentives to foreign businesses for producing AVGC content within its borders. Such initiatives have played a crucial role in fostering the growth of the industry.

Strengthening India's Presence at Annecy:

During the festival, Mr. Apurva Chandra engages in discussions with Mr. Michael Marin, the Director of AIAF, exploring ways to enhance India's participation in future editions of Annecy. They also contemplate the potential for collaboration between India and France in establishing an animation film festival in India.

As part of the event, Mr. Chandra inaugurates the India Pavilion, designed with the theme of Saraswati Yantra, a symbol of knowledge and creativity. He also engages with the Indian creative community whose remarkable works have been recognized as winners in the esteemed Annecy festival competition of 2023.


India's debut at the Annecy International Animation Festival marks a significant milestone for the country's animation and VFX industry. With its remarkable creative economy and a flourishing AVGC sector, India showcases its expertise, talent, and potential to a global audience.

As India's influence in the international animation landscape continues to grow, collaborations and partnerships forged at Annecy pave the way for further advancements and recognition in the field.