Increase in Renewable energy capacity

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Increase in Renewable energy capacity
18 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

According to CEEW-CEF, renewable energy capacity increased by 80% amounting to 3.4 gigawatts in the December quarter compared to the capacity in the same quarter of the previous year. However, due to supply chain problems, the new non-hydro renewable energy capacity decreased by 27% from the previous quarter in the same financial year. Solar power emerged as the biggest contributor it comprised 92% of the total renewable energy capacity with an increase of 142%. Solar energy capacity now stands at 700 MW, despite an increase in the prices of solar modules because of supply chain constraints. Other than renewable energy capacity, there was also an increase of 2,095 MW in coal-based energy in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar. An increase in fuel prices, the introduction of new models from automobile companies, and subsidies from governments also led to an increase in sales of electric vehicles in the previous year.

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