In-person Quad Summit In US On September 24, PM To attend

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In-person Quad Summit In US On September 24, PM To attend
14 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

The Quad Summit is very crucial for India. India is in the middle of a pandemic and along with the increasing cases trying very hard to maintain sustainable development in the country. India needs all the support it can gather for any future emergency like the third wave. Pfizer vaccine has helped India in boosting its vaccination process and recently the United States extended help of 41 million dollars to India. This would be the first in-person meeting between PM Modi and President Joe Biden. Such meetings hold a lot of importance to establish a good relationship among nations. This year there are a lot of issues the Quad needs to address. The Taliban, Climate Crises, and Coronavirus are top priorities. Talking about India’s ties with Japan, it extended help of as much as 15 million dollars to India during the second wave. Such meetings are very important to show gratitude and deepen such relationships between nations. We hope that at the Quad Summit that the leaders of different countries will come up with reliable solutions for such issues together.

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