In A Bid To Digitize, Shoppers Stop Joins Hand With Accenture

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In A Bid To Digitize, Shoppers Stop Joins Hand With Accenture
10 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

A new partnership between Shoppers Stop and Accenture has been announced, Shoppers Stop is trying to digitalize itself by adopting new technology. Accenture will help Shoppers Stop to change the way it functions, increase revenue, given how there has been an increase in sales of fashion products, home decor, and luxury goods. Shoppers Stop works as an omnichannel retailer, while Accenture will introduce real-time data and improve digitalized customer experience, bring in more sales and quality assured delivery. This technology will give Shoppers Stop a very modern perspective. Just like an online platform, Shoppers Stop will be future-ready to adopt the step into the age of e-commerce, they will bring in browse, search, order, and return patterns. The new technology will help bridge the gap between the ‘physical and digital touchpoints.’ 

Accenture believes that with changing times, it is important to stay relevant in today’s competitive market, to emerge as a favorite shoppers’ destination, to provide a memorable experience, and engage and bring joy to the customers.