Hyundai and GoSports Foundation Partner to Launch "Samarth Para-Sports Programme

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Hyundai and GoSports Foundation Partner to Launch "Samarth Para-Sports Programme
01 Apr 2024
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News Synopsis

Hyundai Motor Foundation India and the GoSports Foundation have announced the launch of the 'Samarth Para-Sports Programme' under the Hyundai social initiative 'Samarth by Hyundai'. This initiative aims to identify and nurture India's emerging Paralympic talents, providing them with comprehensive support and opportunities for growth.

Samarth Para-Sports Programme Overview:

The Samarth Para-Sports Programme will focus on six key sports disciplines, namely para-athletics, para-swimming, para-badminton, wheelchair tennis, para-archery, and para-cycling. It targets talented athletes between the ages of 13 to 20 for emerging athletes and 16 and above for elite athletes.

Participants in the programme will receive structured support encompassing financial aid, expert sports science guidance, access to assistive sports equipment and livelihood resources, soft skill development assistance, and mentorship from esteemed coaches and experts.

Statements from Hyundai and GoSports Officials:

Puneet Anand, AVP and Vertical Head, Corporate Affairs, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., emphasized Hyundai's commitment to India's progress and inclusivity. He expressed Hyundai's dedication to providing limitless opportunities through initiatives like the Samarth Para-Sports Programme, aimed at empowering para-athletes and fostering an inclusive society.

Arun Karthik, Programme Director, GoSports Foundation, highlighted the programme's transformative nature, focusing not only on nurturing talent but also empowering athletes towards overall development. He stressed the significance of providing deserving talent with the opportunities they deserve to amplify India's global sporting stature.

Holistic Support for Aspiring Para-Athletes

Participants in the Samarth Para-Sports Programme will benefit from a well-structured support system designed to propel them towards sporting excellence. This includes:

  • Financial Aid: Addressing the financial barriers often faced by para-athletes.

  • Expert Sports Science Guidance: Providing access to professional guidance to optimize training and performance.

  • Assistive Devices: Ensuring athletes have the necessary equipment for their chosen sport and potentially for daily life.

  • Soft Skill Development: Equipping athletes with valuable skills beyond the playing field.

  • Mentorship: Connecting athletes with renowned coaches and experts for personalized guidance.

Hyundai's Commitment to Inclusivity

Puneet Anand, AVP and Vertical Head of Corporate Affairs at Hyundai Motor India Ltd., expressed the company's unwavering commitment to social progress in India. He emphasized the importance of providing equal opportunities for all citizens. The Samarth Para-Sports Programme aligns with Hyundai's global vision of inclusivity and excellence, aiming to empower para-athletes and contribute to a society where everyone can thrive.

GoSports Foundation's Dedication to Transformation

Arun Karthik, Programme Director of the GoSports Foundation, highlighted the program's transformative potential. He stated that the initiative goes beyond nurturing talent; it empowers para-athletes on their journeys towards sporting excellence while fostering their overall development. By providing deserving individuals with the resources they need, the program aims to not only empower athletes but also elevate India's standing on the global sporting stage.

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