How to Make Education Relevant Again?

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How to Make Education Relevant Again?
14 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Isn’t education supposed to be a journey of gaining awareness of surroundings and the world being explained using tested theories, brought up to date so the generations go further in understanding the structure of the world we live in, but these days we associate education with pain, why? Along with the ginormous funds to obtain a decent education, the idea of learning over the years has changed and education has progressed into a mere competition, memorization to writing for an exam which will last a maximum of three hours is viewed by deciding one's whole future.

In India, the education system is all about who remembers best, rather than who applies best! Homework here is not a chore that makes students think about what new topics they learned in class, rather it is treated to be a mindless activity that needs copying from a textbook. 

Famous colleges under the disguise of teaching, enroll students demanding a higher fee structure, although the teaching pretty much stays the same and only the extra-curricular activities and opportunities are an added advantage to the overall growth of the child, but is that enough? Swallowing what seems to be money in lakhs to provide for a seat in esteemed colleges, has the society crumbling in debts; it seems like the more you pay now. There is a security that you will be earning more because of said degree in the future or so it seems.