Healthtech Platform Veera Raises $3 Mn Led By Sequoia India Surge

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Healthtech Platform Veera Raises $3 Mn Led By Sequoia India Surge
30 Dec 2022
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Latest Update- 30/12/2022

Today, Sequoia Capital India's Surge and Global Founders Capital announced a $3 million fundraising round for Veera, a digital health platform for women. Taru Kapoor, the head of Tinder India, Rohit M.A., co-founder of CloudNine Hospitals, and other angel investors including Benjamin Bryant, Ethan Perlstein, Holly Liu, Utsav Somani, and Walter Chen also invested in the round.

One of the 23 businesses selected by Surge, Sequoia Capital India's rapid scale-up program for entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia and India, is Veera Health. Y Combinator, a major worldwide tech accelerator, is also supporting it.

Shobhita and Shashwata Narain founded their business in August 2020. Their first offering is a digital therapeutics platform that helps women in diagnosing and managing PCOS. It also provides a variety of medical services, nutrition treatment, lifestyle counseling, and doctor assistance.

Targeting PCOS is Veera Health's first step in improving healthcare access. Less than 30% of women in India who allegedly have a common chronic condition receive a medical assessment.

"I was quite frustrated by how long it took for me to receive a PCOS diagnostic and the right medical advice to treat my condition. I felt as though I had no idea how to address my issues, even after seeing several doctors. In the Indian setting, there is certainly a lot of judgment as well. Shobhita Narain, COO, and co-founder of Veera Health said, "We hear tale after tale from our clients about how they were body shamed or told to get married instead of treating PCOS.

Last Updated- 31/7/2021

Veera Health, a Digital Health Platform for women raised $3 million in a funding round co-led by Sequoia Capital India’s surge and Global Founders Capital. The company’s first product is a digital therapeutics platform that would help women identify and navigate PCOS with a comprehensive offering of Medical Care, Nutrition Therapy, Lifestyle Coaching, and Doctor Support. The main goal of the startup is to provide quality healthcare for women through a seamless digital platform. This will create awareness about women’s health needs and empower all women to take control of their well-being. Veera Health’s first route to expanding health care access is by targeting PCOS. The frustrating issues with PCOS will be addressed through the company's subscription-based plans. Patients will be provided with a holistic treatment plan administered by a team of doctors specializing in PCOS. it has the ability to make a deeply meaningful impact through early access, information, and support.

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