Google Will Bring Generative AI To Gmail

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Google Will Bring Generative AI To Gmail
03 Feb 2023
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News Synopsis

In its earnings call, Google, which claimed that it launched the current generative AI craze, announced plans to incorporate more of the technology into the majority of its products, including Gmail.

Google's standing as the top search engine is somewhat in jeopardy as Microsoft, which operates the incredibly distant second-place Bing, will incorporate ChatGPT. Microsoft has invested in the parent company of ChatGPT, OpenAI.

To be clear, Google has been using and researching AI for many years, even before ChatGPT was ever a glimmer in its creators' eyes. But the rise of ChatGPT, which was created by former Google employees, pushed the search engine juggernaut into a corner.

It must demonstrate that it will integrate its potent AI models, such as the large language model LaMDA, into its products and increase the models' accessibility to developers. ChatGPT is powered by large language models.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, also declared that AI would soon be available in Gmail and Docs. Pichai avoided describing in detail how generative AI in emails will appear. However, he stated that the overall goal is to make AI tools available "in design and more."

For users and developers to test its AI models, Google will release new tools and APIs. ChatGPT, in comparison to some Big Tech AI models, became wildly popular because it was simple to use and accessible to non-programmers. LaMDA will be made available "in the coming weeks and months," according to Pichai, so that people can use it and give feedback.

Though Pichai did not specify which kinds, the company also announced ambitions to provide more AI solutions for companies and organizations.

The importance of AI to Google's past, present, and future was stressed by Pichai. The most important project the corporation is working on, according to him, is AI.

"Translating these kinds of technical leaps into products that help billions of people is what our company has always strived on,"  Pichai said."We'll pursue this work boldly but with a deep sense of responsibility."

Pichai mentioned how AI was used to enhance Google Search and stated users should anticipate more advancements driven by AI. The company's extensive language models will be accessible to users via these new search features in "experimental and creative ways."

The goal for Google is not, however, to integrate generative AI into your email client. The business wants to reduce costs instead by using AI.

Following the 12,000 layoffs, Google and Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat stated that the business intends to use AI to increase the efficiency of its IT infrastructure. This action typically indicates a corporation's desire to automate more of its operations.

You can wait a little longer before sending that AI-written email until Google releases more information about its plans to integrate more AI into its well-known products.

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