Google signed licensing deal with 300 European New Publishers

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Google signed licensing deal with 300 European New Publishers
12 May 2022
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News Synopsis

Google announced that it has signed licensing agreements with 300 European news publishers to comply with the recently introduced European Union copyright law.

It has signed agreements with domestic, local, and trade publications in Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Ireland, and said talks with many others are underway. Google has yet not disclosed how much it is paying or has not provided the names of the news outlets. 

European Union countries have incorporated into local law the 2019 EU directive, which gives publishers additional rights to their own content. The new law will allow search engines like Google to link to and use pieces of news content, giving publishers new rights when extended previews are used online.

Last year, Google announced a copyright deal with several major German publications and a French news publisher group. The company also announced the launch of a new tool for licensing agreements to thousands of other European publishers, starting in Germany and Hungary.

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