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Google, Microsoft, and Meta Form Strategic Alliance to Challenge Nvidia's AI Chip Leadership

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Google, Microsoft, and Meta Form Strategic Alliance to Challenge Nvidia's AI Chip Leadership
31 May 2024
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News Synopsis

Google, Microsoft, and Meta form the UALink Promoter Group with industry leaders to challenge Nvidia's AI chip dominance by developing an open standard for AI data center connectivity and innovation.

Tech Giants Form Alliance to Challenge Nvidia’s AI Chip Dominance

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Meta, along with other industry leaders, have announced a collaboration to form the Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) Promoter Group. This newly established entity aims to develop advanced components that connect AI accelerator chips within data centers. The goal is to enhance the processing capabilities of massive AI workloads.

Key Participants in the Consortium

The UALink Promoter Group includes notable participants such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Broadcom, Intel, Cisco Systems, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). This diverse consortium brings together significant expertise and resources from across the tech industry, aiming to create a robust and competitive environment for AI development.

Goal: Establishing a New Industry Standard

According to Reuters, the primary objective of the UALink Promoter Group is to establish a new industry standard for networking within AI data centers. This move is seen as a direct challenge to Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market.

Currently, Nvidia controls approximately 80% of this market and is on the cusp of surpassing Apple in market capitalization. The formation of this consortium is a strategic effort to reduce the tech industry's dependency on Nvidia for AI chips, which are crucial for training powerful AI models.

The Need for an Open Standard

Forrest Norrod, AMD’s General Manager of Data Center Solutions, highlighted the importance of creating an open standard. He emphasized that an open standard is essential for fostering rapid innovation and adding collective value to the ecosystem.

Such a standard would prevent any single company from monopolizing control over the technology, ensuring a more collaborative and competitive landscape.

Specifications and Availability

The new standard developed by the UALink Promoter Group will focus on governing the connections between different AI accelerators in data centers. This initiative is expected to encourage a more innovative and competitive environment within the industry.

The group plans to make the specifications for this new standard available to partner companies by the third quarter of 2024.

Absence of Marvell Technologies

Interestingly, Marvell Technologies, a competitor to Broadcom in the networking and custom chip market, is not part of this new consortium.

The absence of Marvell Technologies from the UALink Promoter Group suggests strategic positioning and competitive dynamics within the industry.

Impact on Nvidia’s Market Position

The establishment of the UALink Promoter Group marks a significant strategic move by major tech companies to challenge Nvidia’s stronghold in the AI chip market. By developing an open and innovative standard for AI data centers, the consortium aims to create a more balanced and competitive market.

This collaboration has the potential to reshape the landscape of AI technology, reducing the influence of a single dominant player and promoting collective advancements in the field.

Future Prospects

As the UALink Promoter Group works towards releasing the new standard by late 2024, the tech industry anticipates significant advancements in AI chip connectivity and performance.

This collaborative effort underscores the importance of industry-wide cooperation in driving innovation and addressing the challenges posed by rapidly evolving AI technologies. The success of this initiative could lead to a more diversified and resilient AI ecosystem, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders across the tech industry.


The formation of the UALink Promoter Group by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Meta marks a strategic effort to challenge Nvidia's dominance in the AI chip market. By establishing an open standard for AI data center connectivity, this consortium aims to foster a competitive and innovative environment.

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