Google Messages Set to Introduce WhatsApp-esque Edit Feature Soon: Insider Report

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Google Messages Set to Introduce WhatsApp-esque Edit Feature Soon: Insider Report
12 Dec 2023
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News Synopsis

Unveiling the Upcoming Edit Feature in Google Messages

Recent reports indicate that Google is actively developing an edit feature for its Messages app, resembling the functionality present in WhatsApp. The beta version of the app, released selectively last month, includes flags signaling the potential arrival of this editing capability.

Beta Insights: Flags and Editing UI

According to insights from The SpAndroid report, flags within the beta version hint at the integration of a user interface (UI) for editing messages. These flags are indicative of implementing an editing history system, potentially allowing users to make modifications to their sent messages.

Processing Edits and Database Integration

Code snippets found within the beta update reveal features designed to process edited messages from both the sender and receiver's ends. Additionally, Google has reportedly introduced a new database table named 'message_edits,' likely intended to store details related to edited messages, such as timestamps and message IDs.

Unconfirmed but Imminent: Google's Edit Feature

While Google hasn't officially confirmed this upcoming edit function for Messages, the presence of these beta features strongly suggests its imminent arrival. The new version of the app offers subtle clues about the incorporation of this functionality into the RCS messaging platform.

Recent App Upgrades: Ultra HDR Image Support

In recent updates, Google added support for Ultra HDR image format in RCS chats on Android 14 devices. This format, operating as a standard JPEG with HDR metadata, enhances image quality on HDR panels while retaining standard display quality for non-HDR screens.


The upcoming edit feature in Google Messages promises to be a welcome addition for users who often regret their sent messages. While official confirmation is still pending, the evidence within the beta version suggests a near future release.

This update, along with the recent support for Ultra HDR images, demonstrates Google's continuous commitment to improving the user experience within its Messages app.

Hightlight of the news

  • Google Messages will soon have an Edit Message feature, similar to WhatsApp. This feature will allow users to edit messages after they have been sent.
  • Google has added Ultra HDR support for RCS chats on Google Messages for Android 14 devices. This feature allows users to share high-quality images with improved color and contrast.
  • Google started testing a redesigned homescreen for Messages. This new design is more user-friendly and efficient.

This is just a brief overview of the latest updates for Google Messages in 2023. The platform is constantly evolving, so it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

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