Google Meet's New Feature Allows Admins To Upload Custom Background Images

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Google Meet's New Feature Allows Admins To Upload Custom Background Images
16 Mar 2023
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News Synopsis

Google has unveiled new features for its video-communication service "Google Meet," including the option for managers to choose personalized backdrop pictures for their users.

"We've heard from our users that having backgrounds that match your brand guidelines are important for visual polish during critical meetings,"  the tech behemoth stated on Tuesday in a Workspace Updates blog post.

Admins may now supply a collection of images for Google Meet's "background replace" feature with the new feature. Users will be able to simply choose an image that accurately portrays their company's distinctive brand and style a result of this.

In addition, the tech behemoth is issuing "External" labels to Meet participants.

"Users will see a label in the top-left corner of their meeting screen indicating that participants who are external to the meeting host's domain have joined the meeting," according to the company.

Likewise, last month, the tech behemoth launched several new 360-degree video backdrops for Meet users on iOS and Android.

Google Meet has undergone several updates and improvements over the previous two years. Google Meet has just received two new features.

Sharing content becomes easier

Google said in a blog post that users may now immediately share access to the information they're presenting in a meeting with participants, including everyone on the Calendar guest list, from Meet. When a user is presenting, they may share the file by selecting it from the floating action menu or by selecting it from the Meet Chat recommendation. Furthermore, when you contribute a file, meeting participants will receive a notification, and a link to the file will be immediately shared in the meeting chat.

The second feature allows you to easily share URLs and add them to your calendar. As a result, if a user pastes a link into the meeting chat, the file access window will appear. They may then alter access as appropriate and attach the file to the calendar event.

How will consumers benefit from the features?

“by allowing sharing directly from Meet, you can seamlessly share presented content without having to switch to another window to grant access, which can be disruptive. This makes it easier for meeting attendees to follow along with your presentation, find and reference your material later on, and continue working on action items from the meeting.”  Google wrote in the blog post. This allows meeting attendees to more easily follow along with your presentation, retrieve and reference your information later on, and continue working on action items from the meeting."

All Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business subscribers, have access to the services. Individuals with personal Google accounts can also take advantage of the feature. 

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