Google Introduces New Calendar Tool in Gmail Web for Meeting Creation

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Google Introduces New Calendar Tool in Gmail Web for Meeting Creation
13 Jul 2023
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News Synopsis

Enhanced Meeting Creation in Gmail Web with New Google Tools

Google is enhancing the user experience for Gmail web users by introducing a new Calendar tool that simplifies the process of creating, scheduling, and inviting others to meetings.

This addition enables Gmail users to conveniently create new Meet video conferences directly within the Gmail web's compose window, streamlining the meeting creation process.

While users could already create meetings from the Gmail webpage, Google has now made the calendar option more accessible.

Streamlined Meeting Creation Process in Gmail Web

The new Calendar tool has been integrated into the bottom toolbar of Gmail web, previously hidden within the three dots menu at the top of the email conversation view. By clicking on the toolbar, a new popup bar appears, offering two options: "Offer times you're free" and "Create an event."

The "Create an event" feature simplifies setting up a new meeting by automatically filling in the event title and recipients based on the email content. The event summary is inserted into the email body for easy sharing and efficient communication.

Additionally, the introduction of the "Offer times you're free" option is a notable enhancement. When selected, it opens a Calendar side panel, allowing users to propose meeting times by selecting available slots in the calendar for multiple days.

Once the proposed meeting times are shared, recipients can easily select one of the suggested options and automatically create an event invitation after confirmation.

Simplifying Meeting Creation for Gmail Usershere are some relevant and latest facts for the above news:

  • The new Calendar tool in Gmail is currently available in beta for all users.

  • The tool is expected to be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

  • The new tool is part of Google's ongoing efforts to make Gmail more productive and user-friendly.

  • The tool is also in line with Google's broader focus on automation and artificial intelligence.

Here are some additional details about the new tool:

  • The "Offer times you're free" option is a new feature that allows users to share their availability with others. This can be helpful for scheduling meetings with people who have busy schedules.

  • The "Create an event" feature is a more traditional meeting creation tool. However, it has been enhanced with automation features that make it easier to create and send meeting invitations.

  • Both of these features are integrated into the bottom toolbar of Gmail, making them easy to access.

Overall, the new Calendar tool in Gmail is a welcome addition that makes it easier for users to create, schedule, and invite others to meetings. The tool is both relevant and timely, as it addresses the growing need for productivity and automation in the workplace.

The relocation of this feature and the introduction of the "Offer times you're free" option aim to simplify and expedite the meeting creation process for Gmail web users.

With the option now directly accessible in the toolbar, users can easily navigate to create meetings without unnecessary steps. The automation of various aspects reduces the need to switch back and forth, enabling a more seamless experience when adding details and inviting recipients.

These enhancements to the Gmail web application streamline the process of creating meeting invitations, making it more efficient and user-friendly. By integrating the Calendar tool within Gmail, Google aims to enhance productivity and improve the overall experience for users.

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