Google introduced Car Crash Detection Feature to India and More Regions

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Google introduced Car Crash Detection Feature to India and More Regions
02 Nov 2023
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News Synopsis

Google has introduced its car crash detection feature for Pixel smartphones in India and five other regions, including Austria, Belgium, Portugal, and Switzerland.
The feature is available on Pixel 4A and later models, supporting 11 languages and spanning 20 different regions.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Smartphones?

To activate the car crash detection feature on your Pixel device, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Safety & Emergency" section in the Settings app.

  • Select "Car Crash Detection."

  • If you're not already logged into your Google Account, the app will prompt you to do so.

  • Once logged in, you can enable the car crash detection feature.

  • A permission pop-up will request access to the device's location and sensors. Grant the necessary permissions to activate the feature.

What Happens in Case of a Car Crash?

If your Pixel device detects a car crash, it will:

  • Vibrate

  • Sound an alarm at maximum volume

  • Initiate an audio prompt, asking if you need help

Upon confirming that you need assistance, you can choose from several actions that your device will perform.
These actions may include:

  • Calling emergency services

  • Sharing your location with designated emergency contacts

Expansion of Google's Car Crash Detection Feature

Initially launched in the United States, Google's car crash detection feature has now made its way to several countries, providing a safety net for Pixel smartphone users in case of road accidents.

This expansion follows Apple's introduction of a similar feature with the iPhone 14 series in September 2022.

Google's Commitment to Safety

The addition of car crash detection underlines Google's commitment to enhancing user safety by leveraging technology to provide immediate assistance in critical situations.

Relevant and Important Facts about Google's car crash detection feature

  • Google's car crash detection feature uses a combination of location data, motion sensors, and the microphone on the Pixel device to detect a severe car crash.

  • If the feature detects a crash, it will vibrate, sound an alarm, and ask the user if they need help.

  • If the user does not respond within 60 seconds, the feature will automatically call emergency services and share the user's location with their emergency contacts.

  • The car crash detection feature is available on Pixel 4A and later smartphones, and it is available in 11 languages and 20 regions.

News Conclusion

Google's car crash detection feature is a valuable safety tool that can help users get help quickly in the event of a crash.
The feature is now available in India, along with four other regions.

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