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Google Fi Introduces 'Number Lock' to Prevent SIM Swapping

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Google Fi Introduces 'Number Lock' to Prevent SIM Swapping
10 Jul 2024
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News Synopsis

Google Fi Wireless has responded to the growing threat of SIM swapping by introducing a new security feature dubbed "Number Lock."

By deceiving your carrier into switching your phone number to a new SIM card they own, a malevolent actor can commit a form of cyberattack known as SIM shifting. This can give them access to your calls, texts, two-factor authentication codes, and potentially even financial accounts linked to your number.

What is SIM Swapping?

SIM swapping is a serious cyber threat that has become increasingly prevalent. In this attack, fraudsters deceive your mobile carrier into switching your phone number to a SIM card they control.

Once they have your number, they can intercept calls and texts, gain access to two-factor authentication codes, and potentially breach your financial accounts. This kind of attack can lead to significant personal and financial damage.

How Number Lock Works

The Number Lock feature acts as a digital safeguard against these attempts. Once activated, it locks your phone number to your current SIM card. Any efforts to transfer your number to a new SIM, even by contacting customer service, will be denied unless you disable Number Lock. This added layer of security significantly reduces the risk of fraudsters hijacking your phone number.

Activating Number Lock

Activating Number Lock is a straightforward process for Google Fi users. You can manage the feature through your online account or the Fi app. To enable it, navigate to the settings, find the Number Lock option, and activate it.

After activation, users will receive a confirmation notification, ensuring peace of mind that their number is securely locked and protected.

Benefits of Number Lock

The introduction of Number Lock by Google Fi is a proactive step to enhance user security amid increasing cybersecurity threats. By making it harder for attackers to carry out SIM swapping, Google Fi is helping users safeguard their personal information and financial accounts.

This feature is part of a broader effort to provide more robust security measures and protect users from emerging cyber threats.

Broader Security Efforts by Google Fi

Google Fi's Number Lock is one aspect of its comprehensive approach to user security. This feature complements other security measures provided by Google Fi to ensure users have a safe and secure mobile experience.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, Google Fi remains committed to adapting and enhancing its security protocols to meet these challenges head-on.


Google Fi Wireless's introduction of the Number Lock feature represents a significant advancement in protecting users from SIM swapping attacks. By locking a phone number to the current SIM card and preventing unauthorized transfers, Google Fi is taking a strong stance against cyber fraud. Users are encouraged to activate Number Lock to benefit from this additional layer of security, ensuring their personal and financial information remains safe. This initiative underscores Google Fi's commitment to user security and its proactive approach to addressing the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats.