Find Out The Top Five Indian Companies Excelling At AI

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Find Out The Top Five Indian Companies Excelling At AI
13 Sep 2021
8 min read


News Synopsis

We don’t realize but we are supported by AI-based operations in our daily lives more than ever. Be it a food delivery app, a healthcare system app, a cab booking app, or a tutorial lecture-based app, AI is everywhere, and is helping companies and techs to get unprecedented customer attention. As AI’s popularity is growing by the day, its stocks are increasing too. News has emerged about five India-based companies who are excelling in the AI game, topping the chart is Coforge, an IT service company that is among the top 20 Indian Software Exporters.

The company provides a host of services, from providing AI-based business assistants to natural language processing. Thanks to AI, the company has had a positive and high return in the past five years. Second, on the list is, Happiest Mind Technologies, an IT consulting and service firm, the company is known to use AI technology to assist its business partners and has had a return of 290.8% since it entered the Stock Market only last year. Third is Saksoft, a leading firm in information and management tech, it uses Ai to offer major business problem solutions, the company’s CAGR is 20.1% annually since the last five years. Standing in the fourth position in Tata Elxsi, a leading design, and technology service provider company, the company has tasted success with the help of AI in designing car designs and video analytical solutions, and many more, in the last five years, Tata Elxsi has had a return of 535%. Lastly, Persistent Solutions, a networking capability-based tech company based on MANET technology is using AI to help companies around the world to help scale up their business operations, Persistent Solutions has a stock market return of 462%, upgrading their AI game.

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