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Finally, Spotify Is Updating Its App To Enhance Music And Podcast Discovery

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Finally, Spotify Is Updating Its App To Enhance Music And Podcast Discovery
11 Aug 2022
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Spotify has revamped its home screen to enable users to split their feeds for music and podcasts as it continues to provide long overdue feature improvements.

The new home page has options to select information for either Music or Podcasts & Shows. It is now rolling out to Android devices and will arrive on iOS "shortly." Users will get recommendations based on their prior listening in the Music stream, including suggested albums and playlists and links to immediately play, like, and share. The most recent episodes of their favourite shows may be found in the Podcast & Shows stream, along with suggestions for other podcasts. Listeners can play, save, and read episode descriptions without having to navigate to another page.

Since beginning its push to establish itself as "the world's number one audio platform" in 2019, Spotify has committed more than $400 million to the podcasting industry, first through the purchase of Gimlet Media and more recently through the signing of exclusive deals with celebrities like the Obamas (who have since left the platform), The Sussexes, and Joe Rogan, whose contract was reportedly worth $100 million.

While the idea of combining all of your audio under one giant corporate umbrella might have some benefits, having everything in one place made Spotify's homepage clumsy, which hindered its ability to provide recommendations, one of the service's most crucial features and one that is becoming more and more crucial in the current market. The streaming juggernaut disclosed last month that although its 433 million monthly active users increased by 19%, the firm fell short of its gross margin targets.

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