Afghanistan Crisis Live Updates: Taliban Captures Logar Province, Less Than 80 Km from Kabul

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Afghanistan Crisis Live Updates: Taliban Captures Logar Province, Less Than 80 Km from Kabul
16 Aug 2021
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News Synopsis

Terrorism is an old enemy of the region of Afghanistan, the country has been plagued with the virus of terrorism for many decades and now the withdrawal of the American and British troops has opened the flood gates for extremists groups for spreading their control or say rule over the region. The terrorist group is assaulting the people who stand up against them and are murdering and robbing people of their lands. These acts are forcing many Afghans and people from other countries to flee. 

The insurgents are now adopting methods of forced communication to spread their messages of extremism. The extremists have decided to play the Quran on Kandahar city’s main radio station and have particularly banned the music in a city that is 492 kilometers from the capital. The group is close to capturing Kabul as experts have predicted if any peace measures are not sorted. Once they establish supremacy in Kabul, the world will not be the same place again, the terrorist group already controls a huge province close to the capital.

Reports claim that a majority of European countries have pulled back their staff from their embassies and ports in Kabul and are starting evacuation via chartered flights. Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister talked to the BBC and said that the British troops shall re-enter Afghanistan and try to help evacuate British nationals

The world is watching the diplomatic failure of the US leadership, If they had not pulled back the troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban would not have been at the doorsteps of Kabul. In a bid to ensure the safety of the US personnel, the country has now decided to rush in some 5000 troops stationed close to Qatar and Kabul to rescue the US nationals stuck in the region amid colossal turmoil in the capital. These efforts from the US shall save its own people, while the terrorists are exploiting the region as they please. Mobile phones are banned, women and children are not safe and Afghanistan's own army is surrendering to the Taliban fearing for their lives.  

The wounds given by al-Qaeda to the West have not healed yet, the West is still haunted by the memories of the 9/11 attacks and now the Taliban is positioning itself in the same direction. 

The fears loom large but there is no solution at hand.

TWN Special