Failed Tiktok Deal Strangest Thing I Have Worked On Satya Nadella

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Failed Tiktok Deal Strangest Thing I Have Worked On Satya Nadella
12 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 12 January 2023

As per Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella an almost of social networking app TikTok by Microsoft Corp. last year was the strangest thing I've ever worked on.

Due to concerns over the collection of user data then U.S. President Donald Trump ordered TikTok to split its American branch from Chinese parent company ByteDance. Microsoft started to discuss the possible acquisition in August 2020 but by September the deal had fallen down.

Trump's divestment campaign was over by the time he left office in January and TikTok was just not ultimately purchased by any buyers.

Nadella expressed his excitement about adding Microsoft's security, kid safety, and cloud skills to TikTok while speaking at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California.

During an on stage interview Nadella called the event "unbelievable." I discovered a great deal about a wide range of subjects and people. First TikTok reached out to us. We avoid browsing TikTok.

TikTok was caught in the middle of several events that were taking on in two capitals continued Nadella. President Trump had a particular view on what he was trying to do there but it then just faded away. A particular set of requirements were made by the and then it was removed.

Nadella said that Microsoft's services for content moderation and kid safety developed through goods featured in Xbox video gaming tools and on the professional social network LinkedIn were just what ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming was attracted to.

Last Updated on 30 September 2021

Trump's divestiture drive had come to a stop by the time he left office in January and no possible buyer had shown interest in TikTok. During an on-stage interview, Nadella described the event as "unbelievable." "I learned a lot about a lot of different topics from a lot of different individuals. First and foremost TikTok approached us. We didn't go to TikTok since we didn't have time."

According to Nadella, the services connected to content moderation and kid safety established by Microsoft through products featured in Xbox video gaming tools and on the business social network LinkedIn drew Byte-Dance CEO Zhang Yiming to the company. A request for comment from Byte-Dance was not immediately returned. Nadella said he doesn't know whether President Joe Biden is still pressing for a deal. The Biden administration has stated that the national security issues are being looked at.