EV Sector Witnessing Significant Employment Growth

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EV Sector Witnessing Significant Employment Growth
11 Jul 2022
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According to a study released on Saturday by CIEL Human Resources Services, the electric vehicle industry has seen significant employment growth and an average increase in employee numbers of 108% over the last two years. Engineering has dominated the EV sector, followed by operations and sales, quality assurance, business development, information technology, human resources, and marketing.

The city-based CIEL HR services Ltd. conducted the survey 'Latest Employment Trends in the EV Sector 2022' among 15,200 employees from 52 companies.

According to the study, Bengaluru topped the list, accounting for 62% of electric vehicle talent, followed by New Delhi (12%), Pune (9%), Coimbatore (6%), and Chennai (3%).

The e-scooter factory of Ola at Ranipet in Tamil Nadu was entirely run by women, it pointed out.

"India is investing highly in the electric mobility shift. If India sustains this green momentum, the Indian EV segment will be a USD 206 billion opportunity by 2030", CIEL HR Services, CEO, Aditya Narayan Mishra said.

"With this rapid growth, there is high scope for engineering domains in the industry. The insights from the study will help companies in strategic decision making related to the Talent Ecosystem," he said. PTI VIJ ROH ROH

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