Enforcement of PMDA Will be The Death of Media

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Enforcement of PMDA Will be The Death of Media
26 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Today’s generation's active dependence on the media has broken various forms of the social and cultural barrier. As they are part of development they keep on learning to raise their voices. There is no limit to innovation and with that, it keeps helps to create a better future for our coming generation. Jawaharlal Nehru once quoted the Indian Media by saying, “the media holds a great sense of power and responsibility.” Media has helped to strengthen foreign relations. This led to giant infrastructures and modern elementary institutions that were necessary for the Indian Education System. Today, mass literacy in Southern parts of India is highest compared to the other regions – just imagine a state we thought was only rich in its heritage and culture is now considered the hub of modern technology. 

The reality is not set on usual whims and fancies, but the job of the media is to make sure that the real issues are given some consideration. It has not only shaped the country boundlessly but has also introduced various methods to lead a better lifestyle. We cannot discard the fact that every aspect of our life is revolving around the four walls of the media; while the reality is that it is influencing every ounce of development in every corner of the country. Though the media speaks of both pros and cons of the issues. We also need to understand that the media has a higher responsibility beyond developing our country. Without the existence of the media, we would never know India’s ISRO could launch its first satellite and go into space.

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