Elon Musk Shows Off Humanoid Robot Optimus

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Elon Musk Shows Off Humanoid Robot Optimus
03 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

Elon Musk constantly attempting to upend markets and create new ones. For instance, SpaceX and Tesla, are his two main businesses. Who would have imagined that commercial space travel would be possible? He is currently attempting to mass-produce a different specialized product at a very low cost. He displayed his humanoid robot Optimus to the public on Saturday, intending to offer it to the general public in the future for a very low price. At AI Day 2022, his robot was the first to enter the stage on its own.

The fact that Optimus uses the same AI platform as Tesla's Autopilot driver assistance demonstrates how the company intends to deploy current technology on new platforms and use cases. According to Musk, this was the first time the robot walked up straight on its two humanoid legs. He said that his company would make millions of units to be distributed widely.

When it is ready for mass production, the robot will be able to do some home duties. It will offer WiFi and LTE connection options, and its battery pack should last for a day.

The design of the robot will aid in item selection. It may be used as a worker in factories or other similar establishments. The robot won't cost more than $20,000, though. It equals Rs 16 lakh in Indian rupees. This is lesser than the well-known SUV Tata Safari. Moreover, it is lesser than the Toyota Innova. Both have a road price well above Rs 16 lakh.

The robot has no trouble lifting up to 20 pounds. It also offers a lot of features for digital security.

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