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Elon Musk Asks Court To Begin Trial From Oct 17 In Case Related To Twitter

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Elon Musk Asks Court To Begin Trial From Oct 17 In Case Related To Twitter
27 Jul 2022
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News Synopsis

Elon Musk asked a judge to set a trial of five days that will begin on October 17 instead of October 10 as suggested from Twitter Inc, to resolve his request to withdraw from the $44 billion acquisition deal with the social media giant, according to an application filed by the court on Tuesday. A lawyer representing Musk the world's most wealthy person, told the court that he wrote to ask that the court "break the impasse to allow things to move forward promptly."

Twitter,however, was not available for response.

The Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick, the chief judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery, last week set the date for the trial to begin in October, which promises to be one the most significant Wall Street legal fights in many years. But she let the parties to determine the exact dates.

Musk who is the head of the Tesla Inc., an electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc, had requested the trial to begin in February. Musk claimed gave him the time needed to conduct an exhaustive investigation into false accounts that were created on Twitter. Musk claimed that the company had misrepresented its numbers of users and thus violated the merger contract which allowed Musk to leave the company. Its client, who requested a trial in September stated that the issue with the fake account was a distraction, and the contract conditions require Musk to pay.

It also requested that Twitter produce all of its Musk letter also requested the judge to require Twitter to provide what it described as "core documents," demand Twitter to release the entirety of its raw data by August. 1 and demand Twitter to provide documents within 18 working days of a request. Musk has accused Twitter of obstructing its obligation to deliver documents like guidelines and policies on the daily calculations of users as well as artificial intelligence, and "all items that are in the"dataroom."

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