Effective Involvement Of Children And Young People

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Effective Involvement Of Children And Young People
31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Covid-19 made all of us spend a long time in our house with our family. One more thing that took place during the pandemic is the digitalization of most of the things that take place around us. Just like all that the studies also went online. It became helpful to continue studies in schools and colleges. But this has also made children spending way much time in front of the screen. It's not only unhealthy for their health but for their moral growth as well. 

Parents need to communicate with their children as much as they can. They need to tell them about the fair use of anything It is also important for the parents to keep their calm while explaining a concept of anything. Cause if you start being harsh on them they will soon be afraid and will try to get away with any situation like this. So parents need to be affectionate towards them and teach them important things in a way that they learn from those things.

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