Education And Skill Development

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Education And Skill Development
31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

k.The concept of education is so much wider than one's imagination. But from the last few years, it has become more like scoring high instead of learning something every single day. It is important to have the skill development of children from a young age. If the same process kept on happening. Skill development of the youth is very important for the growth of the country. No matter what the field is, a child's skillset is as important as academic achievements. As time goes and we move towards the future, many companies have started hiring employees on the basis of their skill set instead of an academic degree. 

As the skills will developed, children will be more confident in whatever field they will be working in. This will not only help them in their personal life but in their professional life as well. India has introduced the New Education Policy in 2020 and soon the policy will be implemented as well. We can hope that with the New Education Policy the education system will focus on skill development as much as it does on the academics of a student.