Ecom Express Gears Up Infra For A Robust Festive Season Rush

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Ecom Express Gears Up Infra For A Robust Festive Season Rush
19 Sep 2022
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News Synopsis

In order to handle the high demands of e-commerce shipping over the holiday season, Ecom Express Limited, one of India's top technology-driven full stack logistics solutions providers, recently announced that it has increased its footprint to over 4 Million sq. ft. across its network. Additionally, the company has automated the majority of its sort centre facilities, bringing the daily capacity for processing parcels to over 6 million.

In 14 cities, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Surat, Jaipur, Indore, and Bhubaneshwar, a large share of expansion and investments in automation, including augmentation, have been triggered. With the help of almost 3000 last-mile delivery stations, Ecom Express' existing pan-India network, which currently serves over 27000 PIN codes, has undergone this enormous capacity expansion.

According to T.A. Krishnan, Founder & CEO of Ecom Express ‘’We are seeing tremendous growth in tier III and beyond markets and these have been at the forefront of e-commerce growth. In the past two years, we have witnessed the demand almost double with 80 percent of our deliveries happening in tier III and beyond. With rising disposable incomes, growing internet penetration, and emerging D2C brands, there is a huge amount of growth yet to be realized here. We continue to build robust networks and infrastructure that offer smart supply chain solutions, as well as efficient delivery services, to help small businesses unlock new opportunities as the frontiers of e-commerce advance.’’

Ecom Express is hiring seasonal employees and onboarding gig workers for the peak festive season rush of the year, and business is up 35% from the previous year. A little over 60% to 65% of the hiring will take place in small towns and rural areas of the country.

One of India's top end-to-end technology-enabled logistics service providers to the Indian e-commerce market is Ecom Express Limited. With its headquarters in Gurugram and more than 100 years of combined expertise in the Indian logistics and distribution sector, T. A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana, and the late Sanjeev Saxena founded Ecom Express in 2012. Ecom Express works across more than 27,000 PIN numbers in India and is present in all 28 of the states. The company has the ability to supply 95%+ of India's population because of its deep reach methodology.

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