E-Vehicle Expo to be organized in Lucknow

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E-Vehicle Expo to be organized in Lucknow
24 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

E Vehicle Expo is going to be organized in Lucknow from March 25th to March 27th. Indian Industries Association (IIA) will organize the 8th edition of India Solar and the 2nd edition of the E-Vehicle Expo.100 stalls of reputed companies of India will be set up in this program, organized at IIA Bhawan, Gomtinagar. It is worth noting that understanding the need for electric vehicles in the country, IIA organized the first e-vehicle expo in 2020. In this expo, stalls of all the renowned companies of the country which manufacture solar products, and e-vehicles will be included. A large number of pollutants are emitted from gasoline-powered vehicles. At the expo, they will also inform visitors how solar energy and battery-powered vehicles can be utilized as an alternative source of power. Reputable Companies of the country are coming to demonstrate their products. Interested people will also be able to book any products of their choice. After the expo, you can also purchase their products by visiting their stall.

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