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Drone International Expo 2023 aims to support India’s vision to become the Drone Hub of the World

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Drone International Expo 2023 aims to support India’s vision to become the Drone Hub of the World
06 Jul 2023
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News Synopsis

New Delhi; 05.07.2023: According to a 2022 EY-FICCI report, Making India the Drone Hub of the World, the domestic manufacturing potential for drones and parts is approximately Rs 1.8 lakh crore for applications across defence, commercial, homeland security, and counter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) segments. During a recent address,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also emphasised on India's potential to emerge as a global hub for drones, underlining the country's promising prospects in this rapidly evolving industry. In its endeavour to support the development of a robust internal security infrastructure and unlock the immense potential of drones and unmanned systems across sectors, Delhi is set to host one of the largest Drone International Expo 2023 scheduled for the 26th and 27th of July 2023.

Drone start-ups in India have witnessed a remarkable surge in investments, reflecting the growing confidence in the potential of drone technology. In the fiscal year 2022-23, these start-ups attracted a significant investment of $49.7 million, an impressive leap from the $25 million received in the previous fiscal year 2021-22.

These figures highlight the increasing recognition and financial backing for drone-based ventures in India.  Bringing together a stellar lineup of global industry leaders, the Drone International Expo 2023 will showcase the latest innovations from world-class companies representing countries such as India, U.K, Israel and Turkey.

From Drones, anti-drone systems, drone components and Geospatial the expo will present a comprehensive array of ground breaking products and solutions. Organised by Nexgen Exhibitions, the event will witness the presence of esteemed police, defence, various government organisations & industry personnel.

Latest technologies like Tactical Drone Detection & Neutralization System by DSE Technology, can shoot down and jam the intruding drones that are being increasingly used to drop weapons and drugs. Tactical Manpack Counter RCIED & UAV System, a State-of-Art counter UAV technology programmed to disrupt the radio signals of remote-controlled UAVs.

The Iron Drone by Aero A2Z & Airobotics Israel is an advanced, patented counter-drone solution designed to defend assets against hostile drones in complex environments with minimal collateral damage and a plethora of other innovations are going to be few of the key attractions at the Drone International expo.

“Drone International Expo serves as a testament to the limitless potential of aerial technology," said Aadhar Bansal, Director, Nexgen Exhibitions Pvt Ltd., Organizer of International Police Expo and International Drone Expo. "We have conceptualised this exhibition to be the pinnacle of B2B and B2G networking, facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge news, insights, and ideas among all stakeholders. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that showcases the transformative power of drones, leaving them inspired and ready to embark on new and exciting ventures."

India’s leading companies whereas international manufacturers and world leaders in Drone & Anti –drone systems including DSE Technology, Hild Defence & Aerospace, Paras Aerospace, Aero A2Z, Greenjets Ltd., Marvel Geospital, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd, 3D Product Development Pvt ,Motion Drivetronics Pvt. Ltd , Elcomponics Aerob Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, PV Lumens LLP, Grepow Battery Co. Ltd, Throttle Aerospace Systems pvt ltd , Next Defence Private Limited, Sudarshan Techno Solution Private Limited , Future electronics ,Scandron Private Limited , Aeolus Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. ,Squadron Infra and Mining Pvt Ltd  are going to participate at the Drone International Expo.

With over 200 drone start-ups currently operating in the country, the exponential growth in investments underscores the undeniable value of drone technology in various industrial applications. Drone International Expo is the premier platform to witness the latest advancements in Drone & Anti-Drone technology, providing a glimpse into the future of unmanned systems and their multifaceted applications.

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