Disney appoints executive to lead the metaverse strategy

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Disney appoints executive to lead the metaverse strategy
17 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

Disney has appointed an executive to specifically lead its entertainment company’s strategy for the metaverse. Mike White who has been with the company for over 10 years will oversee a team of senior leaders. Mr. White will be the new senior vice president of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experience. The company has said that it will allocate resources, explore partnerships and encourage knowledge sharing on the metaverse.It is being touted by some of the biggest technology companies as a key development in the next generation of the internet. It is also termed Web3. Facebook, currently known as Meta has made the biggest bet on the metaverse. The company changed its name to Meta Platforms last year with plans to spend more than $10 billion on developing virtual reality software and hardware. Other than Meta, Microsoft has also revealed that it was adding 3D virtual avatars and environments to its Teams chat system, as a push towards the metaverse.

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