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Delay At UK Port, Retailers Run Out Of Harry Potter Stock

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Delay At UK Port, Retailers Run Out Of Harry Potter Stock
17 Feb 2023
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Latest Updated on 17 February 2023
In light of the supply chain issue, specialty stores that offer Harry Potter collectibles and approved items claim to be running out of stock, and what they do have has doubled in cost.

Retailers claim they have been affected by the pandemic and Brexit's rising prices and delays.

Co-owner of the vintage store House of Spells Elvijs Plugis told the BBC: "First Brexit happened, then the epidemic hit. Due to a combination of both, the producers became alarmed, their operations stopped, and they were unable to move large containers by sea.

"Previously costing £20, a Harry Potter wand will soon cost between £35 and £40. Stock is running low at every store."

He claims that it is now impossible to find official Clothing, Books, Movies, and Wands. He also claims to be receiving calls from other stores that are sending clients his way since they are out of stock.

The exporter of Harry Potter Toys, London Toy Company, told the BBC that due to rising container rates and a delay of 35,000 goods at the ports, it had sold out of all Harry Potter goods.

It provides stores like Harrods and Amazon.

Customers will need to start their holiday shopping early this year, according to Alan Simpson, general director of the small retailer chain Toytown.

And he warned that prices will likely rise.

He said that a toy that shipped from the Far East for 70p a year ago now costs £7.

Robert Gliddon, the owner of Gliddons Toy Store in Sidmouth, Devon, advised customers to "Purchase Now" in preparation for continuous supply chain issues that he believes would lead to increased costs and bare shelves around Christmas.

"You have to face the reality of price rises, anywhere from 10% to 15% on anything from across the seas," he added. "It's not only shortages."

"If you see it, get it, and be ready to pay more before Christmas," he told customers.

Nobody likes to run into a shortage of anything they want or need, yet there are now a number of different ways in which we are facing shortages.

The games industry is not the only one now experiencing major regional and local supply issues. Like many other businesses, ours is impacted by a mix of limited transportation options, increased transportation prices, and availability. We are conscious that there are concerns regarding shortages, and we share those concerns. As a result, we expect that delivery schedules will continue to be disrupted in different ways over the coming months.

Last Updated on 14 October 2021

Retailers are warning that due to delays at UK ports, customers may not be able to find the same choice of products this Christmas as they have in recent years. Elvis Plugins, co-owner of fandom-themed collector boutique House of Spells in Charing Cross, London, claims that many of the wands, other official movie reproductions, and even clothing goods are currently tough to come by. "A Harry Potter wand used to cost £20, but now it will cost between £35 and £40. Almost all of the stores are out of stock."

The London Toy Company, which imports Harry Potter toys, claims that it has sold all of its stock. According to London Toy Company director Joel Berkowitz, container prices have increased by 900 percent. Currently, its customers, who include Amazon, Audi, Harrods, and Moonpig, are waiting for their toy orders to arrive. Customers should start their Christmas shopping early this year, according to Alan Simpson, managing director of Toytown, a Belfast-based group of local businesses.