Cryptocurrencies vs Fixed Deposits: The debate dominating drawing rooms in India

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Cryptocurrencies vs Fixed Deposits: The debate dominating drawing rooms in India
07 Sep 2021
9 min read

News Synopsis

Indians have always believed in saving money to secure their future. They also tend to follow every possible way to do it. Be it having a FD or investing in Gold. The easiest way to invest money for Indians is to invest in Gold, you just buy a piece of jewellery and you can earn profit when the rates of gold rise. 
Many people do invest in stocks but due to lack of knowledge, not everyone is able to earn profits with it. This is the reason why most Indians do not invest in Stocks. 
The introduction of crypto-currency has come out as a new way to invest money that can give you a good amount of profit in less time. But not everyone in India prefers to invest in crypto-currency. The investment has risk and does not ensure a positive return for the investor. This is the reason why investing in FDs and RDs. This type of investment does not include a lot of attention and time from the investor and is considered a safe option to deposit the money.
It is common for Indians not to take interest in different types of Investment and to invest in the traditional ways only. But, as Albert Einstein has said, “ The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” and with time we need to adapt to the changes. The traditional ways of investment might be considered as a safe option but they take time to be mature. It is time people start taking interest in investing in stocks and crypto-currency. To make it happen we need to have knowledge about different aspects of investing in these. But as the title says it is a topic of debate that is dominating the drawing rooms and it is because everyone has a different opinion about every single thing. And it is not possible to have a similar opinion on everything.

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