Countries That Are Open For Indian Tourists After Covid

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Countries That Are Open For Indian Tourists After Covid
18 Oct 2021
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News Synopsis

Covid-19 has made everyone stay in their homes. The time period was especially for those who primarily depend on travel, but, as the vaccination has started and things are getting back to normal people have started travelling once again. Many countries are still cautious about permitting foreigners to enter their borders whereas there are many countries also who have permitted foreigners to travel in their countries. Here are the countries which have allowed fully vaccinated Indian tourists to enter the country.

The United States, Thailand, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Maldives, Chile, Bahrain, and Egypt are the countries that have allowed entry to Indians. The countries require an RT-PCR test and proof of being fully vaccinated to travel to these countries. The vaccine used for the vaccination should be approved under Chilean Public Health Institute (ISP), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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