Could A Reboot Make Social Media A Nicer Place

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Could A Reboot Make Social Media A Nicer Place
12 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 12 January 2023

The platforms first seen as engines for democracy and truth, appear to have instead helped promote and accept falsehoods, division, and physical damage according to BKCIS research. Social media is no longer fit for purpose.

In one recent case ivermectin a heartworm medication for animals that the FDA advises may be very dangerous to humans was promoted on social media as a Covid-19 treatment.

The BKCIS experts contend that the growth in racial, ethnic, political, religious, and gender-based animosities as well as the loss of confidence in institutions, elections, and the common good are all outcomes of social media.

Social media was going to launch this new renaissance of ideas because it would give everyone a voice. Something is clearly wrong, says Mitchell Marovitz head of the University of Maryland Global Campus's communications, media, and speech department.

Social media and online settings have clear advantages that are also worth keeping despite their limitations. Social media for example suitable choice for access to a wealth of knowledge useful for independent groups and dynamic cultural movements.

Improving these advantages of the expanded online connection while minimizing its disadvantages will be one of the tasks of the new institute.

According to Ashley Johnson a policy analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, there is an agreement even among individuals who manage social media companies that there are developing problems with the way we connect communicate and share information online.

Whenever you assemble millions of people you're going to highlight both the best and the worst in individuals.

That's what comes to mind when I hear the expression "Reboot social media" We've clearly seen that and we haven't worked out how to maximize the good and limit the bad.

Last Updated on 13 September 2021

According to BKCIS Analysis, social media is no longer fit for any purpose the platforms initially perceived as engines for democracy and truth appear to have instead facilitated the spread and acceptance of lies, division, and physical harm. When social media started it was supposed to bring about this new renaissance of thought because everyone would have a voice. Despite its wars, social media and online environments have clear benefits that are also worth preserving. There's no doubt social media opens up access to vast amounts of knowledge valuable self-governed communities and flourishing cultural movements. The sheer scale and reach of social media will make reform difficult.

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