Cold Drink Brands Clocked Good Sales this Summer

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Cold Drink Brands Clocked Good Sales this Summer
05 Jun 2022
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News Synopsis

After two dry summers in a row, 2022 has proven to be a promising year for beverage and soft drink manufacturers in India. People are looking for methods to combat the heat and stay hydrated with temperatures reaching 45 degrees in certain parts of the country, resulting in a large demand for cool beverages.

Beverage sales are mainly seasonal, unlike other industrial sectors that generate revenue throughout the year. According to industry analysts, the summer season, which runs from March to June, accounts for more than a third of all soft drink and beverage sales.

Restaurants, bars, theatres, and live events had to close due to the pandemic-induced statewide lockdown. Soft drink consumption in India was primarily done outside of the home and was occasion-specific at the time. As a result, the soft drink and beverage sector has been severely harmed in recent summers, with sales considerably dwindling.

As a result of the pandemic forcing individuals to stay indoors, various changes in consumer behaviour occurred. Key industry participants increased door-to-door delivery for the first time to boost sales.

“During the pandemic and associated lockdowns, out-of-home consumption patterns were notably impacted while in-home consumption trends improved significantly. The industry underwent a significant shift in consumer purchase patterns,” shares Sundeep Bajoria, vice president of the India franchise at The Coca-Cola Company.

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