Climate Change: How The Planet Has Been Fighting

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Climate Change: How The Planet Has Been Fighting
25 Oct 2021
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News Synopsis

There have been some grave issues, some areas of great concern, and causes of even greater damage to our planet that has put us all in a state of tension, such were the atmospheric conditions, in the ’80s and 90’s when the acid rain was wreaking havoc in the United States and areas of Europe. Fishes were dying, trees were without leaves, lakes without water, and water turning translucent blue.

The reason, sulfur dioxide-based acid rain was reaching into the atmosphere was because of coal-burning power plants. Internation attention and awareness from global communities led to curbing the burning of fossil fuel from power stations which led to a decrease in acid rain. Since the 1980s, acid rain has significantly been brought down. 

In 985, global news circulated around the planet, Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) brought the world’s attention to an expanding hole in the ozone layer in the Antarctic, particularly caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)- a greenhouse gas released by aerosols in refrigerators.

In 1987, global leaders signed the Montreal Protocol, one of the most environmentally particular treaties, since then companies started building CFC-free refrigerators and machines. In the year 2020, news circulated that the ozone layer is finally near a healing position. similarly, the world won a significant battle against leaded petrol, a silent killer of humanity, causing heart attacks and ailments in children. 

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