CleverTap Launched OpenAI Integrated Content Creation Assistant `Scribe`

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CleverTap Launched OpenAI Integrated Content Creation Assistant `Scribe`
18 Apr 2023
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News Synopsis

On Monday, the US-based customer retention company CleverTap launched the OpenAI-integrated 'Scribe' helper for content creation. Customers will start accessing the functionality in April.

According to the firm, the AI content function may create campaign creatives, assess emotions, and rewrite them with a certain feeling that connects with the target audience for the companies.

"Studies show that marketers only have two seconds to capture users' attention in the digital realm. This gives marketers a very brief window to engage their users by tapping into the right emotions and AI enables brands to build these customized campaigns. These advancements in AI will open up the next frontier for marketers and bring back the 'tech' in MarTech," according to Jacob Joseph, vice president of data science at CleverTap. 

Additionally, the business claimed that Scribe can recognize the mood in messages and provide a suitable alternative that consumers will be more inclined to interact with.

Brands may now use technology to choose the tone of their messaging on demand.

According to the company, marketers can utilize Scribe to capitalize on user interaction data based on emotion analysis to create hyper-personalized content that is true to the brand and appeals to the user.

Customers of CleverTap Enterprise can presently request an invitation to use Scribe.

About CleverTap

A mobile marketing tool called CleverTap assists businesses in developing distinctive consumer interaction tactics at scale. The platform offers solutions for cross-channel marketing as well as capabilities like flows, pivots, A/B testing, user segmentation, funnels, and more.

Push alerts, triggered messaging, and planned offers may all be used in specific, targeted marketing programs created by marketers. Which message resonates with which user category is determined by customer information. On a single dashboard, users may correlate and visualize data from many sources.

User profiles for visitors are available in CleverTap and comprise demographic information, user activity, event interactions, replies, and usage history. Marketers can assess user movement patterns and compare user behavior.

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