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Classlogic, An Edtech Startup,Raises $100,000 In A Seed Round

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Classlogic, An Edtech Startup,Raises $100,000 In A Seed Round
23 Nov 2022
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News Synopsis

Classlogic, the most cost-effective online teaching and classroom management Application for educators and educational institutions, is based in Pune and has acquired $100k in seed funding from Mumbai-based angel investors.

The most recent round of funding will be utilised to scale technologies and expand the company's presence throughout India. An integrated platform called Classlogic allows teachers to run traditional classrooms as well as online and hybrid ones. It combines the features of ERP, fee management, marketing tools, learning management systems, and classroom management systems.

" In the Ed-tech SaaS segment, the startup competes with Teachmint, Classplus, Winuall, etc. Ed-tech players. According to a report, the Indian SaaS industry, which stood at USD 3.5 Bn in 2020, is projected to grow into a USD 15 Bn market by 2026. Classlogic is an integrated app that can help users get rid of multiple ed-tech apps or solutions and switch to one integrated app for an institute that provides all essential features", explains Classlogic co-founder Anoop Mishra.

He continues, "Teachers' job is the toughest job till the time they do everything apart from teaching, it could be much easier and inspiring for teachers if they can hand over their non-teaching task to someone else".

Technology expert and Classlogic co-founder Vineith Kaul remarked, "Nowadays, building technology is not a big deal, but building it at low cost and offering it to users at the most optimal cost is the challenge that we have cracked."

In 2021, Anoop Mishra and Vineith Kaul launched Classlogic using their plethora of educational knowledge. Vineet led the concept of democratising technology for educators, while Anoop contributed his experience in teaching, academia, and institute management.

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