Chitra Ramakrishna resigns from Reliance BP Mobility

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Chitra Ramakrishna resigns from Reliance BP Mobility
22 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

Former Managing Director and CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Chitra Ramakrishna, has resigned from the board of Reliance BP Mobility. This came after the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) initiated a probe against her a week ago. The former MD and CEO of NSE has been accused of disclosing confidential and sensitive information. This information included financial projections, business plans, organizational structure, etc. She influenced by a Himalayan Yogi appointed Anand Subramanian as group operating officer of the NSE bypassing the standard protocol. She without any evaluation of the performance of Mr. Subramanian, showered him with frequent and disproportionate compensation. SEBI took action against Ramakrishna, Mr. Subramanian, and Mr. Ravi Narain, the predecessor of Mrs. Ramakrishna for irregularities at the National Stock Exchange.

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