BYjus will invest $200 million to grow its offline play

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BYjus will invest $200 million to grow its offline play
17 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

One of the world’s biggest ed-tech companies, BYJUS now decided to move ahead from online education and to provide educational services in offline mode as well. The company is going to invest $200 million to open offline tuition centers for standard 4th to 10th in the coming months. It already has a presence in 23 cities and is aiming to launch 500 centers in 200 cities this year. Mrinal Mohit, chief operating officer of Byju’s, in an interview said: “A lot of parents felt that their child should also get access to offline centers and physical intervention. Hence, we decided to expand offline through ‘Byju’s Tuition Centre’ which will imbibe an omni-channel learning strategy”. In 2021, BYjus acquired tutorial chain Aakash Education Services for around $ 1 billion. Himanshu Bajaj, head of Byju’s Tuition Centre, said: “We have picked up from the hybrid learning model adopted by Aakash during Covid-19, and borrowed bits from how they structure their courses, customer learnings as well as how to drive student engagement in physical classrooms. We have also tried to understand compliancies, best operating practices as well as marketing activities for scaling our physical centers”.

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