Byju's Faces Financial Crisis, Potential End to Shah Rukh Khan Partnership

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Byju's Faces Financial Crisis, Potential End to Shah Rukh Khan Partnership
04 Jul 2023
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News Synopsis

Byju's Considering Not Renewing Shah Rukh Khan's Endorsement Contract

Byju's, the prominent edtech platform, is reportedly contemplating not renewing its endorsement contract with actor Shah Rukh Khan. According to sources, the company's cost-cutting measures and deep financial crisis have made the renewal unlikely.

The association between Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan, which began in 2017, may come to an end as the contract expires in September.

Financial Troubles Raise Concerns for Partnership

With Byju's facing significant financial challenges, Shah Rukh Khan's team is reportedly hesitant to continue their association with the brand. The company's financial troubles and the need for stringent cost-cutting measures have led to uncertainties surrounding the endorsement contract.

This development highlights the impact of the financial crisis on Byju's partnerships and marketing strategies.

Previous Challenges in the Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan Partnership

This is not the first instance where Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan have found themselves in a challenging situation. In April 2023, a consumer disputes redressal commission in Madhya Pradesh imposed fines of Rs 50,000 each on Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan for not meeting teaching standards and false advertisements. These penalties further strained the partnership and raised concerns about the credibility of the brand.

Social Media Scrutiny and Controversies

Shah Rukh Khan's association with Byju's has faced scrutiny on social media platforms. The actor has been questioned about his partnership with the edtech company, particularly during times of controversy.

In 2021, when Khan's son Aryan was embroiled in a controversy, Byju's temporarily halted its advertisements featuring the actor. Such incidents have also influenced the dynamics of the partnership.

Byju's Challenges in the Online Education Market

Byju's is currently dealing with a slowdown in the online education market, which has contributed to the company's financial crisis. As a result, job cuts have been implemented, and raising funds has become increasingly challenging. The company's struggles in this competitive market have prompted a need for cost-saving measures and restructuring.

Changes in Sponsorship and Investor Resignations

Adding to Byju's challenges, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently announced that Byju's would be replaced by online gaming company Dream11 as the lead sponsor for the Indian cricket team.

This change in sponsorship deals adds to Byju's financial setbacks. Furthermore, representatives from key investors, including Peak XV Partners, Prosus, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, have resigned from Byju's board, signaling potential concerns among stakeholders.

Some other relevant facts about Byju's:

  • Byju's is one of the most valuable startups in India, with a valuation of over $20 billion.

  • The company was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran, an ex-school teacher.

  • Byju's offers a variety of online learning products and services for students of all ages.

  • The company has over 100 million registered users and over 7 million paid subscribers.

  • Byju's has raised over $12 billion in funding from investors such as Tiger Global, SoftBank, and Sequoia Capital.


Byju's, the renowned edtech platform, is facing a deep financial crisis that has led to uncertainties regarding the renewal of its endorsement contract with actor Shah Rukh Khan. As the company implements cost-cutting measures and grapples with a slowdown in the online education market, the financial strain has made it difficult to sustain the partnership.

Previous challenges, including penalties for not meeting teaching standards and false advertisements, have further strained the relationship between Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan.

The scrutiny faced on social media platforms and temporary halting of advertisements during controversies have also impacted the dynamics of the partnership.

Additionally, Byju's recent replacement as the lead sponsor for the Indian cricket team and the resignation of key investors from the company's board add to the challenges and uncertainties faced by the edtech giant.

These developments underscore the broader challenges in the online education market and the need for companies like Byju's to navigate financial difficulties and adapt to changing circumstances.

As Byju's continues to address its financial crisis and seeks stability, the potential discontinuation of the endorsement contract with Shah Rukh Khan represents a significant change in the company's marketing strategies and partnerships.

The future trajectory of Byju's and its efforts to overcome the financial crisis and sustain growth in the highly competitive edtech industry remain to be seen.

However, these recent developments emphasize the importance of adaptability and strategic decision-making in the face of evolving market dynamics and financial constraints.

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