Bill Gates Talks About The Effects Of Climate Change On India

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Bill Gates Talks About The Effects Of Climate Change On India
11 Feb 2023
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Latest Updated on 11 February 2023

The pandemic has had an impact on progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with almost all of them being off schedule, according to a study from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was issued late on Monday India time. The Food Crisis and the Climate Crisis were also discussed in the study, two problems that present significant difficulties for decision-makers. Bill Gates discussed how he sees the answer to these challenges developing in an Interview with Hindustan Times prior to the publication.

According to CARE Research, there are currently 800 million people suffering from hunger. They also noted that the issue is particularly severe for women, indicating a significant imbalance where Women and Children are suffering the most. A number of factors have combined to negatively impact the supply of food. Climate warming is reducing crop productivity faster than we expected. The war in Ukraine has reduced the supply of food, but even worse, it has caused fertilizer prices to rise sharply. As a result, poorer farmers won't have access to fertilizer, which will result in much lower yields in the coming years.

The pandemic caused an increase in grain prices. At the start of the Ukraine War, they increased significantly, although they have since decreased considerably. Long-term, if we don't create better seeds, we're going to face a significant problem because we want to feed more people, we want richer diets, and climate change may drastically reduce production, so the only thing that can counteract that is better seeds. The Green Revolution achieved the same thing, but this time, it's about knowing environmental constraints and adapting new crops to flourish even under the much hotter and greater drought conditions that are quickly approaching than most people expected.

Last Updated on 11 October 2021

Bill Gates has recently talked about the issue of constant climate change. The effects are visible in not only India but all across the world. He urged governments all across the world to help in achieving the goal of zero emission. He also mentioned that the countries near the equator will face dramatic effects and it includes India as well. In his statement, he said that India is one of the countries where the temperature of some of the parts is higher than it should be, and so the government needs to pay attention to these problems and find suitable measures for the salutations for them.

He talked about making electric cars affordable to the general public and the use of solar panels to generate electricity. Solar Panels can generate electricity at a cheaper cost than coal plants and they would not cause any type of harm to nature as well. He also said that if we do not move towards these innovative ways it would be hard for the countries to achieve zero-emission and the impact of climate change will be hard on the poorer section of society. 

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