Australian Demanding Compensation For Vaccine Side Effects

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Australian Demanding Compensation For Vaccine Side Effects
17 Nov 2021
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News Synopsis

According to a report, more than 10,000 Australians are demanding compensation due to the loss of their job since they were admitted to the hospital due to the side effects of vaccination.

According to Herald Reporters, the Australian Government can witness more than 37 million compensation demanding bills. Over 10,000 individuals are enlisted for an administration program to be made up for the compensation created due to being hospitalized for an unrelated illness, the paper revealed, referring to the information. Remuneration begins from A$5,000, which means the program would cost essentially A$50 million. As per the report Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration has reported almost 79,000 reports of these types of side effects resulting due to vaccines. 

The report says that the most common side effects are headaches, sore arms and fever.